Why Choose Buffalo Marriage Ceremony

A wedding ceremony of any kind signifies the beginning of your life as husband and wife or partners in life.

It is a bond that represents your love, your committment to one another and your friendship. Many couples spend months planning for their special day. One important detail is your wedding ceremony. Your ceremony should reflect your relationship, your life style, your beliefs and your values. That is why no two ceremonies are exactly the same. At Buffalo Marriage Ceremony, we will listen, advise and guide you in preparing a ceremony of distinction based on your preferences. Regardless of the style of ceremony you envision on your special day, we will attend to every ceremony detail begining with your first consultation.

We will honor your requests and strive to surpass your expectations. You will receive a customized wedding portfolio with the written details of your ceremony. This will allow you to make any changes prior to your special day. Our only concern is to provide you with the style of ceremony you have always dreamed of. Your ceremony may consist of all your ideas or we can assist you in readings, vows, poems, music, etc. Our price includes as many consultations as necessary, the written ceremony portfolio and if necessary a ceremony rehearsal. Buffalo Marriage Ceremony prices range from $175.00 - $350.00. You can be confident that Kevin Mason is as concerned about your ceremony as you are. Many couples have placed their trust and confidence in Buffalo Marriage Ceremony.

Kevin M. Mason

Kevin has years of experience in the public service arena. He is a noted public speaker as well as a motivational speaker. Having addressed people through such organizations as Block Club Associations, Kids Adjusting Through Support, Bereavement Groups, Civic and Church Groups, Fundraisers and Capital Campaigns as well as Celebrations of Life, Marriage Ceremonies and Committment Ceremonies. He is Ordained through the Universal Church/American Marriage Ministries. He is flexiable in his style and committed to providing you with the marriage ceremony of your dreams. The word "no" is not in his volcabulary. Kevin has an easy going demeanor which enables couples to feel comfortable and relaxed in the process of planning their ceremony. While at the same time he is extermely professional, articulate and will assist each couple in preparing for, and planning their ceremony of distinction. His willingness to ensure your satisfaction, his attention to every detail as well as his experience and creativity are endless.